Cowboy Poetry

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Cowboy Poetry

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Silver Bells & Golden Spurs—Anonymous  3:28

Young Fellers—R.O. Munn  2:15

Reincarnation—Wallace McRae  1:28

Buying A Bra—Hershey  2:53

Cowboy Bill—Larry Bastian, E. Berghoff  2:06

The Sierry Petes—Gail Gardner  2:28

The Two Things In Life That I Really Love—

             Gary McMahan :20

The Sierry Petes Sequil—Anonymous  3:26

The Strawberry Roan—Curley Fletcher  2:19

Message In The Wind—Jesse Smith  1:26

The Rancher—Anonymous  2:06

The Dude Wrangler—Gail Gardner  2:52

The Old Homestead—Dolan Ellis  1:40

Tribute To Freckles And Tornado—Jon Bowerman  2:51

A Rare Find—Randall Rieman  1:27

Cowboy’s Vision—Dolan Ellis  2:00

Dudes—Nick Johnson  1:24

The Flyin’ Outlaw—Curley Fletcher  3:31

Passing The Mantle—Vess Quinian  :33

Rancher’s Revenge—Bob Christensen  1:42

The Barn Cats—Vess Quinian  1:21

The Zebra Dun—Anonymous  3:07

There’s Somethin’ That A Cowboy Knows—             Darrell Arnold  2:06

Flies—Chuck Lakin  2:18

Sad Songs and Sunsets—Jimmy Brost,

             Don Fernwalt  1:51

They Can Take It—Bruce Kiskaddon  1:12

Grandpa Would Tip His Hat—Mike Dunn  1:52

The Bride—Anonymous

Take Me Back—Don Fernwalt—Music by

             Chuck Smith  2:03

Cowboy Poetry is meant to entertain and give you an insight of cowboy philosophy and of their way of life.  All Cowboy Poetry is “Pert Near True”.  Your challenge is to figure out what is “Pert Near” and what is true.


If you have never heard Cowboy Poetry, you are in for a real treat.  It is hilarious, thought provoking and “takes you back”.


My husband, Don Fernwalt, memorizes and recites Cowboy Poetry.  He is also pictured on the cover of the CD below, in dark blue vest, on a Sheriff’s Mounted Posse Search & Rescue Training Ride.



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